The Gooker is a multi-function cast iron oven-grill with a mobile fire pit for a healthy and pleasant wood-fired cooking.
You can now cook worldwide recipes, 365 days a year, outdoors!
  1. Let your culinary desires go by grilling, smoking, woking… and by managing temperature, for an infinite palette of cooking processes.
  2. Increase your tasting pleasure and enjoy the benefits from healthy cooking: flames never touch the food inside the oven, and grease never falls onto the flames.
  3. Create and share a warm atmosphere around the oven when it’s cooking, or around heat and light of the fire pit during the evening.


The GOOKER implements an original approach to grilling your meal by blending the subtle taste of wood-fired cooking with an extra juice scent that evaporates and no risk of sudden surge. This confers to your dishes a never-before-seen cooking process and taste.
The intermediary drip pan ensures that the flames never touch your food, which remains healthy to eat.

A la Plancha

Using a plancha, fish and meat are cooked while keeping all their flavours. In order to delicately assemble the finest dishes, you can cook different ingredients on the plancha at the same time.
A large ring collects surplus grease so as to cook in a healthy and nutritional way.

In the Wok

From paellas to Asian dishes, vegetables will remain as crispy as you wish thanks to your ally: the GOOKER’s cast iron wok.


Using the GOOKER expert solution, try smoking your food! The upper grid is ideally positioned to smoke ribs, salmon, poultry, fish or whatever you fancy. As soon as the smoke escapes from the wood, close the nozzle flap to craft the aroma of smoked food in your dishes. Pleasant surprises are guaranteed through food that becomes tender and naturally smoked to perfection!


The Niederbronn Foundry has developed a waterproof cooking chamber made of enamelled cast iron in which temperature is regulated using air inlets. This also generates a natural rotating heat phenomenon, the key to a successful cooking every time.

Enjoy the company of your friends as you cook with confidence!

The Magic Arm System

All GOOKER users, from amateur to professional chefs, appreciate using this technical feature to easily remove dishes and arrange food out of the oven without losing an excessive amount of heat.

It has been conceived as a support for all MAS® accessories made of enamelled cast iron, such as the oven brick, sear grate with its drip pan, plancha or baking humidifier screen.


As the energy powerhouse of the GOOKER, the brasero is mounted on wheels to easily start the fire next to the oven. Once your fire is roaring, simply roll it into position to power the GOOKER.

Once done with cooking, entertain your friends to the playful warmth of an open fire as you roast marshmallows and play the guitar.


Why has The Gooker been awarded?

MASTERING IRON for 250 years

The Niederbronn foundry was created in 1769, with the encouragement of Jean De Dietrich. Located in the heart of Alsace, it was originally a reference in heating appliances. Since it became independent from the De Dietrich group in 2010, the foundry has chosen to provide cooking lovers and epicureans with cast iron benefits by producing cooking items such as planchas. Today, to please amateur chefs, it’s going even further with the GOOKER, which emerged at the cross-section between its history and its values.